Tier II Two Choice Rule: Clearing Up the Confusion

Two Choice and Player Movement Rules for Tier II

Tier II are travel teams in the State of Illinois that compete at the “AA” and “A” levels. Players are given the opportunity in Tier II to change organizations once during their playing years from Mite to Bantams. Players are allowed a third choice at the Midget age. These choices should be made with the same care that a parent would use to choose a school for their child.

What is a Choice? Essentially, every player will have a total of two Member Associations for which they can play for from Mite through Bantam Major. This is a community based rule. Players that are aged U16 and U18 will be granted a substitute choice. They will not need to petition AHAI for that substitution.

Tryouts are NOT a Choice. You can try out for as many Member Associations as you believe is prudent.

When is a Choice made? When you make a team and the roster is certified by AHAI registrar, WHICH IS before THE FIRST GAME (Leagues may have more restrictive rules). The player or their parent(s) will need to complete the declaration process on line before they will be allowed to be rostered on a team with a new Tier II organization. An email confirmation is sent to the parents.

Counseling Required: IT IS REQUIRED that every player and their parent(s) new to Tier II hockey or new to a Member Association be counseled when they enter into those Tier II travel hockey programs by some official of the Tier II Member Association.

What is My First Choice? If you have never played for a Tier II Team before, your first choice will be the Tier II Member Association where you first roster on a Tier II Team.

What about my Second Choice? A player has the option of leaving the original club they started at and playing for another Tier II club. Once the player is on a certified roster and signs the declaration form, the second choice is made.

Is there a Restriction on Making a Second Choice? There is no restriction on a player’s right to choose a second Member Association up to their Bantam major age or for a third Midget choice. The exception to the Two Choice Rule is when player movement violates the 2/4/6/8 Rule (click HERE for the complete 2/4/6/8 rule).

Member Associations May Be Able to Set More Restrictive Rules. The By-Law is silent on Member Associations being able to set their own rules. Member Associations are not currently restricted in setting their own rules for accepting players back once the player makes their second choice or skates for another Member Association. Click HERE To Read the full article and learn more about Appealing a Choice, Things to look out for when making a second choice, and when a substitute choice may be granted.

For more details, consult the actual By-Law and AHAI Rules available at www.ahai.org

May 2013

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