ADM What the Pros Are Saying

As the American Development Model (ADM) is implemented across the country, many leading hockey experts, players, and coaches have commented on the rationale and benefits that the ADM provides for our young skaters. Like many new programs, not everyone accepts the premise that the ADM is the correct way to develop our youngest players. Below are a few quotes from those that have reached the highest levels of hockey and while they may have been trained in a slightly different manner, each of them has seen the advantages of this new approach inside the United States.


“We should always strive to do the right things for kids and the American Development Model does just that. I think as hockey has evolved in our country, coaches and parents have certainly tried to do the right thing in regard to development. But we haven’t had a national blueprint for associations to use – something that is based on solid research – until now. This is a major step forward and USA Hockey is to be commended for its leadership.” – RON WILSON, 2010 U.S. Olympic Men’s Hockey Coach 7th All-Time Winningest Coach in NHL History


Within Illinois, many Associations have continued to develop their own ADM programs. Several key ingredients that make up a strong ADM program in your association include; Hard Board rink dividers, cross-ice jamborees, coaching education, parent education, proper practice planning, maximizing ice usage, making game days special, and finally no lines, no laps, no lectures…..keep the kids moving.

Click HERE to read what the experts have to say about the ADM.

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