Illinois Native, Tony Rossi, Retires from USA Hockey

With more than five decades of volunteer service to USA Hockey, Rossi, a native of Chicago, has made tremendous contributions to the game in both time, resources and expertise. AHAI is one of the strongest USA Hockey affiliates in the country, and Rossi was a big part of its formation and growth.

Tony began his administrative career in hockey in the 1970s in Illinois when he started a local hockey club for kids. Rossi was elected to the USA Hockey Board of Directors in 1983, and was named a director of the Central District in 1989. In 1995 Rossi was named USA Hockey Treasurer where he helped develop the USA Hockey Foundation to promote the growth of hockey in the U.S. Rossi was elected USA Hockey Vice-President in 2003 and most recently was elected to the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Council in 2008. He was re-elected to the Council at the 2012 IIHF General Congress in Tokyo, Japan. Before retiring, Tony served as USA Hockey’s VP and international council chair. He’s served in various leadership capacities with USAH since 1983.  Although retiring from USA Hockey, Tony will remain on the board of the IIHF.

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