Tier II Choice Substitution: Examples & Information Regarding Application Process

Situations That May Lead to the Rare Substitute Choice 

EXAMPLE:  If neither Member Association the player has played for has a Tier II team at that player’s age level, the player will receive a substitute choice based on the approval of AHAI.  AHAI will grant a substitute choice that makes sense geographically (travel distance from home to practice).  A player will NOT be given an “open choice”; the exemption is a substitution requiring approval.

EXAMPLE:  A player leaves their 1st Member Association and goes to a second. They encounter a problem at the new club that invokes an Rules & Ethics investigation with a finding that the Member Organization did not deal fairly with the player.  As long as the 1st club they played for has a viable Tier II team at the appropriate age level, the player must try out for that club if they desire to play Tier II.  If they are then cut (from ALL the teams in that age division), then they may apply for a substitution.  AHAI will determine if the substitution request is within geographic guidelines as associated with “community based” hockey.

NOTE:  A change of residence which significantly impacts the distance a player needs to travel to their closest viable choice (after the relocation) MAY be considered.

Applications for Choice Substitutions 

Open July 15 and Close October 15, 2013

Click HERE to Apply


Still Have Questions?  Contact:

Gregg Chudacoff

AHAI Tier II Chairman


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