Tier II: What About My 2nd Choice? What Should I Consider?

1. Only Two Total Choices – Make Them with Care: You only get two choices from 8U through 14U. If you have used the first one by playing Tier II hockey sometime in the past...make that 2nd choice with care…you don’t get another one until 16U/18U.

2.  Best Player, Team or Coach This Year; What About Next Year?  Things change so make that 2nd choice with the proper information.

3.  Coach Changes Organizations:  What if the coach (we love) decides to change organizations after we have made our 2nd choice?  Unfortunately, that will not be grounds for an exception.

4.  I Did Not Make the Team I Wanted/Thought I Should: Your choices have nothing to do with whether or not you make the A or AA team at either Member Association, nor does it matter that the Member Association of either of your choices does not have a team that plays in the highest level of League or even does not belong to a League you wish to play in.  You will NOT get an exception so long as the Member Association fields a team at the age level for which you are playing.

5.  Is There a Restrictive Policy if I Leave?  Find out the philosophy and rules of both your 1st and 2nd choice regarding leaving.

6.  Get Involved and Change What You Do Not Like:  If you do not like the philosophy of your 1st or 2nd choice, get involved and work to change it. Merely changing organizations will not help improve hockey in Illinois.

7.  Organization’s Philosophy and History:  Be informed before you decide to use that 2nd choice.  If you are an 8U or 10U, remember that you will be making this choice for the rest of your playing days in Illinois up to your 14U year; therefore, check out their programs through all age levels as well as the level in which you are interested.

8.  Rumors and Promises – Be Careful:  Be careful of rumors and gossip, as well as “promises”.  Promises or any other inducement to play hockey in Illinois could compromise eligibility.

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