Future Gains: 5 Ways to Shape Your Hockey Future

By Mark Janzen, HockeyNow.com

Growing up as a minor hockey player, you can’t help but wonder where the game might take you. There are millions of dollars waiting for a few, and there is a lifetime of enjoyment available to many. What’s your future? Right now. Right this second. It has never been easier to be discovered. As burgeoning youngsters play Canada’s frozen beautiful game, the odds of getting spotted in Anahim Lake, B.C. or Lac La Biche, Alta. or Moose Factory, Ont. are as good as ever.

With ever-improving technology and the creation of YouTube, the scouting world has become a whole lot smaller. For players wanting to be seen, times couldn’t be better. At the same time, for those young hockey players, reaching their ultimate goal – that, of course, being the National Hockey League – has never been more difficult. The reality is that there are 690 jobs in the NHL on any given night – 23 players per team multiplied by 30 teams – and with more than 425,000 boys registered for hockey in 2011/12 in Canada alone, the challenge of making it is extremely daunting. Click HERE for 5 ways to shape your hockey future.

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