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nullAHAI is pleased to announce the continuation of the Cross Ice Grant Program. The Cross Ice Grant Program is designed to aid AHAI Affiliates and their home rinks in promoting the growth of ice hockey through the implementation of a cross-ice hockey program. AHAI is again offering two Cross Ice Grants including the shorter soft Cross Ice Dividers as well as the NEW Cross Ice Hard Dividers. We encourage rinks and associations to purchase the hard dividers if possible. Cross Ice hockey is based on a model of practicing and playing across the width of the ice surface rather than lengthwise along the full length of the ice. The Cross Ice model for practice and play has been used in many of the leading hockey nations in the world for a number of years and is a more efficient way to use ice time and space and give children a greater feeling of success when playing hockey. By shrinking the playing surface, the Cross Ice model allows for players to increase the number of times they touch the puck, increase the amount of body contact and increase speed of decision making during playing situations – all of which translate into quicker development of the individual skills necessary to keep young players excited and motivated.


The hard dividers improve the game day experience for the players, improve the visual for the parents, and create a more realistic game surface. These dividers are regulation size boards, with dashers and kick plates as well as a door so skaters can pass through form section to section.


Two Grants will be offered for this upcoming season including Cross Ice Dividers and Cross Ice Hard Dividers. All applicants will be required to complete an application providing a full detailed report describing their cross-ice programs within three months after disbursement of their Cross Ice Grant.


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