What is ImPACT Baseline Testing?

By Mike Palm, Athletico Regional Athletic Training Coordinator

Over the past few years, it is a challenge to watch a sporting event on television and not notice the increased awareness on concussions. There are several reasons for this increased awareness. One such reason is the increased knowledge in the sports medicine world. Over the past 15 years, the management of concussions has changed drastically. Second, we’ve also learned about the frequency of concussions, and how often athletes don’t truly report their signs and symptoms. The latter fact, we have learned can be addressed through appropriate education.

Over the past 3 years, AHAI, Athletico, the Chicago Blackhawks, and NorthShore HealthSystem have joined forced to create a program called A Step aHead.   There are two main components to this program. First and foremost is to increase knowledge and awareness around the topic of concussions. We want coaches, parents, and athletes to understand what a concussion is (and what it isn’t), and what they should do if they suspect a concussion.


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