Understanding Mite Playing Rules

By Jim Clare, AHAI Mite Task Force Chairman

As the new season gets rolling there have been several questions raised to the mite task force and AHAI in reference to the new playing rules for mites (8U). USA Hockey and AHAI are implementing the American Development Model (ADM), and have been for several years. The ADM is a methodology of developing our players from Mites to Midgets based on theLong Term Athlete Development process, known as the LTAD. I encourage our readers to visit www.admkids.com to better understand what the ADM is all about. The AHAI newsletter will be running regular articles concerning the ADM.

One particular section of the ADM that is causing some confusion is the reduced playing surface rule, or cross-ice/half-ice. USA Hockey has reduced the playing surface for all 8U players across the country but has allowed for Affiliates to ask for an exception to this rule within certain boundaries. Only about 15 states asked for any type of exception, and in almost every case they asked that their 8U players be allowed to play 10 games of full-ice beginning after January 1, 2014. States like Massachusetts, New York and Michigan for example, were part of this group. Only AHAI received anything greater than 12 games. Only AHAI is allowed to play full-ice games as early as December 1, 2013. Please keep that in perspective as you try to better understand what we are allowed to do concerning mites in Illinois.


Click HERE for Explanation of Mite Playing Rules

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