Rosters: What is the October 15th Date?

How is a Player/Coach Added After That Date?

What is the OCTOBER 15TH DATE?

Every year there is confusion about the October 15th date. Hopefully this information will help to inform AHAI members about the details and importance of the date. October 15th is NOT the date that rosters must be submitted. All teams must have a roster submitted to AHAI prior to their first team activity! All teams must have an official USA Hockey roster that has been certified by the AHAI Registrar before they play any games; league, tournament or practice. The process of submitting a roster for certification is done by an organization’s registrar.

October 15th is the final date that youth Tier I, Tier II, Girls and High School rosters can be accepted. If you are going to form one of these teams, it must be done by October 15th. Adult and House Recreational teams may be registered up to December 31st.

October 15th is also the last date to add a player, coach or manager to an existing team without having to go through the petition process. So, if a team is going to add anyone to a roster, it is strongly recommended that this be done by October 15th. This is an AHAI requirement. Be aware that the rules for each league may be different.

To add a player, coach, or manager to a team after October 15 takes a petition. The reason for adding the team member after the deadline must be provided along with the information about the member being added. If the member is a player, a review of the player’s standing with any other hockey organization is considered along with the request. If the player is not in good standing with another organization then the petition to add them to a team will not be granted. Statements of good standing must be received by the AHAI Registrar in writing before a petition can be granted. Reasons that a player may not be in good standing would include financial suspension and on or off ice penalties or suspensions. If the member is a coach or manager they will be required to have been screened by the AHAI screening agency and the coach must provide proof that they have current coaching credentials and the age appropriate coaching module.

The petition process has two time phases. From October 15th to November 15th, the AHAI Registrar has the authority to review and determine if the petition will be granted or denied. After November 15th, the petition is presented to the AHAI Board of Directors for their vote. This vote can take time to be done so petitions after November 15th may take several days to be processed.

Players may not be added to any teams after December 31st.

If you have questions about team registration please contact Laura Johnson,  the Registrar for AHAI. Laura can be reached at 224 636 3233 or at

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