Bench Management Part II: How Do I Show Value in Equal Playing Time?

In the second installment of our Bench Management series, we take a look at playing time.  The following article by Michele Amidon, highlights some areas for coaches to think about as they divvy out playing time.  Keep in mind, league rules may dictate certain equal ice time rules such as NWHL does.  But in general, there are some valuable points to be taken away from Michele’s article:

Recently a Hockey Director asked me “How do I get my coaches and parents to understand the importance of equal playing time?”  Endless studies show the number one reason why kids play sports is because IT IS FUN!  They play for the pure enjoyment and love of being around their buddies. They also play to feel part of the team and enjoy competing. Conversely, studies also tell us the number one reason kids leave sports is because they aren’t having fun. I think we can all agree that sitting on the bench is not an enjoyable experience for anyone, which raises the issue of equal playing time.


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