The AHAI Mite Task Force

By Jim Clare, AHAI Mite Task Force Chairman

When the American Development Model was introduced several years ago, it was apparent that the ideas and teachings of the ADM were going to require more than an occasional visit from USA Hockey to inform the vast membership of AHAI. It was with this realization that we formed the Mite Task Force. I am proud to chair this committee even though the past few years have been trying as the state learns more about what the ADM truly is.

One of the elements I wanted on the Task Force was a wide representation and not just a sub-committee of AHAI board members. Under the direction of AHAI President, John Dunne, and prior AHAI President, Mike Mullally, we were able to assemble a cross-section of the Illinois hockey community. Serving on the Task Force are hockey directors, rink managers, club presidents, league representatives, AHAI staff and mite coaches. This allows the Task Force to garner a much better perspective on the landscape of mite hockey at all levels.

The Task Force’s mission is to craft, monitor and implement mite policies throughout the state. However, the most important role we have is to listen to the membership in regards to all things mite hockey. At times our job will not be received well, but I can promise that we will listen and do our best to communicate what we are doing and why we are doing it. You may not always like the answer you receive, but you will always get an answer and if you don’t please resend your question.

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