Peoria Thanks Hockey Clubs & Families


The hockey community united from all over to help those displaced by the Peoria tornado. NoozeBox spoke with Drew Cassidy of Hockey Supports Hockey, and Wendy Wagner, a Peoria Youth Hockey Club Mom. Both of the victims had the utmost to say about the generosity of all the hockey clubs not just in Illinois, but from other states as well. According to Cassidy, several clubs that were playing in Peoria showed up with donations, gift cards, and relief money. As they approach the $40,000 mark, it has been unbelievably helpful for the families in need. “This was particularly moving as it allowed several of the displaced families to personally greet those teams and express their appreciation (and disbelief) at the generosity.” Wendy Wagner explained just how important those gift cards were to her family as well as others that had been displaced.  Wendy has three boys who all play hockey. If it weren’t for hockey, the Wagner family would have been at home when the tornado hit, instead the family was at the rink, watching her son’s game.

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