Chris Ahearn, Avid Blackhawks Fan… And AHAI’s “Name the Newsletter” Contest Winner

Chris Ahearn

Meet Chris Ahearn from Chicago, an avid Blackhawks fan who grew up playing floor and street hockey in Westchester, IL. Ironically Ahearn did not pick up the game of ice hockey until moving to the warmer climate of Atlanta, GA. After returning to the Windy City Chris joined the Howitzers, who play in the McFetridge Adult Recreational Hockey League and the Chicago Outdoor Hockey League. When asked how he arrived at his winning entry,SNAPSHOT, Ahearn said, “A Snapshot is a shot in hockey that combines the speed of a slap shot and the accuracy and quick delivery of a wrist shot. A snapshot is also a look into the goings on of an organization…I thought these two definitions overlapped perfectly!” Ahearn, who works for La Casa Norte, a not-for-profit organization that serves youth and families confronting homelessness, chose Patrick Kane to sign his jersey stating, “Kane is the best American right winger currently in the NHL. I wish Patrick all the best in the Olympics….bring home the Gold!”. Congratulations Chris, and in your own words, “GO HAWKS”!

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