Athletico Trainers Again Retained for State Tournament Games

AHAI is very concerned about the health and well-being of our players. As in 2013, AHAI has retained AthletiCo to provide licensed trainers at State Tournament games for all “checking divisions”. Trainers will provide player evaluation and recommendation for all potential injury and head trauma incidents. They will be available for consult on any physical or head trauma issue. Expect to see a trainer at all the Bantam, Midget and High School State Tournament games. (Due to their arbitrary, short notice nature coverage cannot be provided for State “elimination games”).


Be mindful, any player removed from a game for a concussion or head trauma will be subject to standard concussion protocols. The player must be cleared for play by the AthletiCo trainer on site, or have a written confirmation from a doctor or certified trainer before he can return to play. This is of course for the players own safety. Good luck to you and your team in State! – AHAI Board of Directors

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