Spring Hockey FAQs

By Laura Johnson, AHAI Registrar
ahaienews ahai logoIt may not feel like it, but the first day of Spring is just four weeks away. With that in mind, AHAI Registrar, Laura Johnson has compiled a list of your most frequently asked questions surrounding the Spring Hockey Season.

What are the dates for the spring season?

The period from April 1 to August 31 of the calendar year is considered the Spring/Summer Hockey Season. Team registrations and rosters may be submitted beginning March 1. Spring rosters will not be in effect until April 1 (the teams may not participate in games until April 1). Fall rosters are no longer valid after March 31 with the exception of nationally bound teams.

How do teams register for spring?

The process to register a team is the same in the spring as it is in fall. Teams are registered through AHAI affiliate organizations.


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