Who Are Minor Officials? Chances Are It’s You!

What You Should and Should NOT Do as a Minor Official 

Just who is a Minor Official? No, it is not a teenage referee or linesman. A minor official is an off-ice official – a scorekeeper, time keeper or someone working the penalty box. At the youth level this is very likely a parent volunteer. In some cases a minor official may be a contracted individual who is paid for their services. However, for the purpose of this article, although this conversation applies to contracted minor officials as well, we will be focusing on the parent volunteer in the role of a minor official.

What You Should Do as a Minor Official

The off-ice or minor officials are considered part of the officiating team. They have very distinct responsibilities as part of that team. The scorekeeper keeps the scoresheet for the game so the on-ice officials and each team has an official record of what happened during that game.

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