Weekend Mite Jamborees


On February 16th, Rocket Ice arena opened its doors to a late winter Cross-Ice/Half-Ice jamboree. Over 20 teams from around the area participated in the over 6 hours of ice dedicated to the kids. The 6U players began the day with 4 hours, 18 teams and 27 cross-ice games (plus an ice cut in the middle). The hard dividers were used to divide the ice in thirds, there were referees on each section and constant action on the ice. During the ice cut after the 6U games, the coaches broke down one set of boards and slid the remaining section to the red line; it was time for the 8U’s to hit the ice. Two hours of half-ice games with 6 teams rounded out the jamboree. The Sabres, along with the Cyclones, Admirals, Huskies, Jaguars, Blackbirds and Vikings enjoyed a marathon Sunday morning of games and fun. Jamborees, when conducted in the proper way, are a great venue to maximize ice time, increase puck touches and give everyone a chance to excel along with gaining skill development in the small-area format. From the sounds heard around the rink, the cheering was as loud as ever and the kids had fun. Make the Weekend Mite Jamboree a regular part of your club’s season. While we know you will have the doubters, why not give the kids a chance to enjoy. Make game day special, keep the kids moving and celebrate their success.

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