World’s Best Teams Use Small-Area Games

How do the best teams in the world train? Here is what some of our Olympians had to say about their NHL team practices. When asked if they play small-area games in their NHL practices here is what the players had to say:

  • Dustin Brown, “We regularly play 2v2 in a small area to work on our battling skills”
  • Ryan McDonagh, “We use the small games to try and make plays quickly because you don’t have a lot of time or space.”
  • David Backes, “We do small area games for battling along with limiting time and space. At our level, making decisions must be done quickly.”
  • Ryan Suter, “The small games work on all skills that you need to play hockey.”
  • Ryan Miller, “The small area games we play help me to rely on reflexes as a goalie since your angles and landmarks have changed.”

Small-area games in practice help even NHL players stay at the top of their game.

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