2014 USHL Entry Draft ~ Phase 1


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Phase 1 consists of eight (8) rounds as USHL teams will select players from the 1998 birth year.  This single-age portion of the USHL Draft allows teams to choose players who are traditionally not ready to play in the USHL the following season, but will continue to develop at lower levels of hockey in preparation for USHL play in future seasons.  While not yet USHL full-timers, a number of those players will see game action in the coming season.

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*Tendered Player – the USHL tender process allows teams to sign up to two 1998 birth year players prior to the 2014 USHL Draft.  The first “tender” for a team would take the place of a first-round pick in Phase 1 of the USHL Draft, and if the team tenders a second player, that would take the place of its second-round selection in Phase 1. All tendered players will be on their respective teams’ roster next season and play at least 55% of their teams’ regular season games.

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