How Do I Assure that USA Hockey & AHAI Have My Accurate Contact Information?

The mailing address, email address and phone numbers that you entered when completing the online registration with USA Hockey is stored in both the AHAI and USA Hockey databases. It is the contact information that is used when AHAI or USA Hockey communicates with its members. It is important that you use the email address that you wish to receive your notices, and to update this information with AHAI and USA Hockey if any of your information changes during the year.

To update your information, please contact the Registrar for your organization. They will edit your profile in the USA Hockey Cybersport program and then send an update to USA Hockey. They will also send an update to the AHAI Webtool which will edit the contact information stored on the AHAI server.

It is also critical that you correct any typographical errors made when completing the USA Hockey online registration. This correction must be done at USA Hockey and then transmitted to the AHAI server. If you made an error during registration please contact your organization’s Registrar and they will assist you with the process to make the correction.

In addition to storing contact information for our members, AHAI also maintains a historical database for each member. It helps to assure accuracy if players and coaches are registered using the exact same version of their name each year. For example, only using Robert, and not Bobby, Bob each year. If you are using a Roman numeral after your name, please use it every year that you register with USA Hockey.

If you have any questions about player or coach registration, please contact Laura Johnson, AHAI Registrar at

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