2014-15 Mite Hockey Update

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Since the announcement of the NIHL Fall Mite Season format, there have been a few questions that have arisen. Additionally, we are aware that some organizations are looking to step outside the governance of USA Hockey.

First, I would like to quell any rumors that may be spreading, as I have read some correspondences to parents of mites that are somewhat misleading. AHAI and USA Hockey have not eliminated full-ice mite hockey. As I said in the AHAI Newsletter, we are one of 16 State Affiliates that has an exception to play full-ice games with our mites. In fact, we have the most full-ice games, 15 plus playoffs, allowed of any state in USA Hockey. Tournaments only count as 3 games even if you play 5 on the way to a championship.

NIHL will have a 12 game full-ice season with 4 half-ice games totaling a 16 game regular season. They will also have an 8 game half-ice tiering round beginning October 1st. Organizations that have committed to NIHL include:

Sabres, Bruins, Hawks, St. Jude, Leafs, Peoria, Falcons,

Bloomington, Cyclones, Jets, Jaguars and Blues

NWHL/SSHL, our Tier III leagues, will continue on as they did last season. Full-ice games begin after December 1, 2014. Prior to that date they will play a series of half-ice games. Their schedule will be similar to last year with more to follow on the exact format for their season.

While it is not prohibited, those organizations looking to take their mites elsewhere are aware of the rules and the consequences to the rest of their club if they do not abide by them when taking their mites out of AHAI/USA Hockey.

Additionally, AHAI and USA Hockey cannot intervene in any issues a club, parent, or player has when they play outside our Governance. Coaching certification, referee certification, SafeSport issues, off-ice issues, locker room issues, parent behavior, etc. are no longer covered under AHAI or USA Hockey for those skaters, parents, or teams.

Any questions about Mite programming, please contact Jim Clare at miteadm@ahai2.org.

*List will be updated as more organizations are added.

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