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The Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois is pleased to announce the continuation of the Cross Ice Grant Program. The Cross Ice Grant Program is designed to aid AHAI Affiliates and their home rinks in promoting the growth of ice hockey through the implementation of a cross-ice/half-ice hockey program. This year, AHAI is offering Hard Divider Grants to interested Associations throughout Illinois. Through USA Hockey and AHAI Grants, half the cost will be covered for those that participate. The Hard Dividers can be used in many configurations; most commonly along the redline if you have one set, or across both bluelines if you have two sets. Additionally the boards can be used to create shooting lanes during practice or an area to work with goalies. Be creative and enhance your ice utilization with hard board dividers. To learn more visit and download this attachment. View the video to get a peek at what the dividers look like.

Cross-Ice Hard Divider Grant Program Application

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