Committed to Developing Coaches: AHAI/USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP)


Hockey is the only major youth sport where all coaches must be screened, attend different levels of coaching education certifications and then take age-specific modules for the birth years they are coaching.

The objective of the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (C.E.P.) is to improve the caliber and quality of coaching in amateur hockey. Five levels of achievement and six online age-specific modules have been established to educate and train each coach, from the beginner to the highly skilled expert.

The Coaching Education Program is committed to developing coaches who will be effective instructors and role models through a comprehensive education program at all levels of play. The program emphasizes fundamental skills, conceptual development, sportsmanship and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and off-ice officials.

Thirteen district coaches-in-chiefs use trained coaching education personnel to conduct the first three progressive levels of instructional coaching clinics. The coaches-in-chiefs themselves organize and conduct the Level 4 clinics, while the director of the coaching education program conducts the Level 5 clinic. All registered coaches are required to complete clinics in accordance with USA Hockey standards.

USA Hockey has developed a full range of instructional materials for coaches to use on the ice, as well as in the classroom. The materials are also used by the Player Development Program and the International Ice Hockey Federation. Materials include clinic manuals, PowerPoint presentations and training videos.

The Amateur Hockey Association has a team of instructors who are trained by USA Hockey to conduct ADM specific clinics, plus the Level 1, 2 and 3 Coaching Education Program clinics. AHAI has already held two ADM specific clinics (for Level 1 certification) and one each for Level 2 and 3. We have received numerous, very positive responses about all the clinics we’ve held to date. “This is a tremendous testimony to the high quality, very knowledgeable, volunteer instructors we have available to us, and use here in IL,” states Doug Becht the AHAI C.E.P. Chair.

While each State affiliate conducts the Level 1, 2 and 3 clinics, only USA Hockey conducts the Level 4 (Advanced) and Level 5 National Symposium (Masters) Coaching Education Program clinics. Click HERE for upcoming AHAI Coaching Education Program clinics.

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