Mites Moving to Squirts: 3 Myths Clarified

AHAITHE MYTH: If you register as a mite player this year for the Fall on a team outside of USA Hockey, when Spring season comes around it will cost you more money to register for a USA Hockey team rather than just stay with the non-USA Hockey program.

FALSE: USA Hockey’s Fall 2015-16 Registration opens on April 1. If your mite is moving up to squirts and would like to play for a USA Hockey team/club in the Spring, he will not have to pay a registration fee again to play in the Fall. That April 1 registration is good until August 31, 2016.

THE MYTH: AHAI has eliminated Mite full-ice hockey.

FALSE: AHAI has asked for and been granted the largest exception of any Affiliate in USA Hockey in order to play full-ice mite hockey, 15 games after December 1st.

THE MYTH: USA Hockey/AHAI is going to half-ice games for Squirts.

FALSE: USA Hockey/AHAI has never promoted this as a scenario for the squirt aged players; they have encouraged every age level to follow the principles of the ADM and age appropriate training. These guidelines have been clearly stated and explained, and are available at Questions? Please email

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