Network Television Pilot: Searching for Children, Specifically Including Disabled Children, to Play a Character with Cerebral Palsy

Character description below: J.J.

10-16, (girl or boy), J.J. is the eldest of the three Gallo children. An intelligent and devoted (if sometimes challenging) child, and a caring older sibling. A kid of few words (until recently, no words) J.J. leads with honesty and bluntness – sometimes to a fault. J.J. has an “awakening” of sorts as our story begins. Born with cerebral palsy, without the ability to speak, J.J. is given the gift of language, thanks to a computerized speech device utilizing newly- available eye-tracking technology. Like the majority of those with C.P.. J.J.’s cognition is not affected by the condition. Communication, however, has always been a tremendous challenge. So when J.J.’s speech suddenly blossoms with the aid of the device, it’s a transition for the character and the family. Things weren’t “better” before, but they sure were simpler….SERIES REGULAR


The pilot will most likely shoot in March, in Los Angeles. Should the pilot be picked up for series, whoever we cast will need to relocate to LA for the season, if they are not already here.If interested in auditioning, please send us a short video and tell us a bit about yourself. Submissions can be sent to:

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