AHAI’s Holiday Hockey Gift Guide

Now that we’re almost into December, it’s time to focus on the Holiday Season. But what do you give the hockey player, coach or fan who has everything? What possibly could someone unearth that hasn’t already been given? Read on…and Happy Holidays!

2014 Hockey Gift Guide_edited-1For the Readers on Your List

  1. Michael Betcherman’s Breakaway and Face-Off for the young adult hockey player
  2. Jody Anderson’s Hockey Moms Arent Crazy for your not-so-crazy Hockey Mom
  3. Subscription to The Hockey News North America’s #1 Hockey publication
  4. Mary Shaw’s Brady Brady Series for the young hockey player
  5. Gold, Silver & Bronze: A Doctor’s Devotion to American Hockey gives readers an inside view of USA Hockey from 1967-1990

For the Movie Lovers on Your List

  1. Miracle
  2. Mystery Alaska
  3. The Mighty Ducks Series
  4. Slapshot
  5. Goons
  6. Happy Gilmore

Stocking Stuffers for Your Player

  1. Howies Hockey Tape for the World’s Best Hockey Tape, pucks, laces, and stick wax
  2. Personalized Phone Case: They love their smartphone, they love hockey, why not put the two together?
  3. Stick Bandits – Put their name and # on their hockey stick just like the Pros do!
  4. The Comet Hockey Puck: The Comet Puck is a 6oz regulation illuminated hockey puck. The puck uses (1) replaceable lithium coin cell battery, providing up to 12 hours of light.
  5. Hockey Trading Cards
  6. Mouthguards
  7. Magic Stick: Handheld skate sharpening tool that restores blades and reduces the number of times you will need to sharpen your skates.
  8. Bauer Emergency Helmet Repair Kit: Keep in their bag and you’ll never have to worry about missing helmet pieces again!
  9. Stickhandling balls

For Coach and Manager

  1. Membership in the Chicago Blackhawks Coaches Club
  2. USA Hockey Clipboard
  3. USA Hockey Puck Seat Cushion
  4. USA Hockey Travel or Equipment Bag
  5. Create a personalize memory book (Shutterfly or Snapfish)
  6. Logo items from your club/organization
  7. Pro Coaching Hockey Folder Kit
  8. Gift Cards to their favorite restaurant or sporting goods store
  9. Skate towel with coach/manager’s name embroidered with team logo
  10. Something personal – a letter thanking them for all their hard work and dedication

For Mom

  1. Hockey Mommy Fleece Blanket: Keep Mom warm with an ultra soft micro fleece blanket from USA Hockey
  2. The Catch All Bag: Made from recycled hockey socks, this is the perfect make-up bag, pencil case, or clutch purse on game day!
  3. Hockey Mom Jewelry from com
  4. Pandora USA Hockey charm

For Dad

  1. Chicago Blackhawks Tickets!!!
  2. Chicago Blackhawks Swag
  3. Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp in Lake Placid: Join players from the gold medal winning 1980 USA Hockey Team and participate in their inaugural fantasy camp in wondrous and magnificent Lake Placid, host city of those historic 1980 Winter Games. Connect with the greatest sports moment of all time. Enjoy the competition. Meet and get to know players from that greatest of all teams in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that is Lake Placid. Skate in the 1980 Rink -Herb Brooks Arena at the Lake Placid Olympic Center where we beat the Russians and shocked the sports and political worlds.

For the Player

  1. USA Hockey IntelliGym: Computer-based hockey sense training proven to enhance awareness and improve on-ice decision making
  2. The Ultimate Hockey Fan Dryer: Solve hockey equipment storage problems once and for all!
  3. ReVitalyze: Keep their bag and equipment smelling “linen fresh”!
  4. Fatheads
  5. Youth Chicago Hockey T-Shirt
  6. The Goal Light Alarm Clock: Recreate the excitement of scoring every morning!
  7. USA Hockey Sport Gear Backpack
  8. NHL 15 from EA Sports
  9. Summer Skates: Show your game off the ice!

For the Blackhawks Fan

  1. You can’t go wrong at the official Chicago Blackhawks Store!

Just for Fun

  1. Chicago Blackhawks Cuckoo Clock
  2. Miracle on Ice Bubble Hockey Table

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