Teen Hockey Player Takes Blade to Face During State Title Celebration

By Chris Peters, Hockey Writer, CBS Sports.com


The post-championship pileup is one of those great moments for any player to experience. In hockey, these pileups tend to happen at a bit higher speed and though heavily padded, they can be a little dangerous. However, you’d never expect the danger to reach the level it did following the Missouri State high school hockey championship game.

After Francis Howell North won the boys state title, the players piled on top of each other as we’ve seen countless times before. Many of the players had removed their helmets and were leaping one on top of the other. One of the last players to jump into the pile was D.J. LaMartina.

LaMartina went to dive right on top of the pile, but as he did a teammate’s skate came up high. The youngster was struck in the face with the skate blade.

Skate Blade Celebration

LaMartina looked down at his hands to see blood, a lot of blood.

The youngster had suffered a serious cut to his chin and upper lip, as well as a broken front tooth. A teammate shared some gruesome photos, which we’ll go ahead and let you decide if you want to see. The extremely graphic photos can be found here and here. Click at your own risk.

LaMartina tweeted later that everything was OK. He also already changed his twitter bio to “famous for taking a skate to the face – state champion.”

It seems even the most gruesome of injuries hurt a little bit less when you’re celebrating a championship.

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