Officials Announced for Illinois State Hockey Championship Games at United Center


This coming Sunday, March 22, represents the culmination of a few AHAI State Finals which will be played at the United Center. The games played at the United Center this Sunday include the Girls’ High School Division, the Combined High School Division and the Red Varsity High School Division.

As with the players and teams who have earned their position in the State Finals, the officiating community similarly had candidates who earned the privilege of officiating these games at the United Center.

Through a long process including review of this year’s evaluations and supervisor reports, as well as the evaluations of the teams and other officials and assigners, I selected the officials to work the United Center games.

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The selected officials worked hard throughout the year and exhibited the effort, skill and judgment necessary to receive consideration for these games. Their selection to work these games is the culmination of their work throughout this past season and a reflection of their desire to provide quality officiating to the Illinois ice hockey community.


Girls’ High School Varsity – 9:00 a.m.

Ceci Morris

Jeremy Zarth

Rich Freni


Red High School Varsity – 12:00 p.m.

Mason Strom

Brian Fisher

Ryan Canfield

Robert Dawson


Combined High School Varsity – 3 p.m.

Jameson Gronert

Brad Moravick

Matthew Bleck

Matt Neubauer


All of the officials who will work the United Center games this Sunday should be congratulated for their selections.

Michael Barrett, Illinois Referee in Chief & AHAI Supervisor of Officials

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