Where Will the Puck Drop for Kraft Hockeyville? Our Vote is for Decatur!!!



After thousands of submissions, they’ve narrowed it down to the final 10 arenas. Now it’s our time to help decide who is America’s most passionate hockey community! Vote for the Decatur Civic Center, home to the Decatur Youth Hockey Association beginning Tuesday, April 14th! 

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The winning arena not only gets the title of Kraft Hockeyville, but will also host an NHL 2015-16 Pre-Season game in their community, and receive $150,000 towards upgrading their local arena! You can vote up to 50 times per method each day! Text Decatur to 35350 or call toll-free 1-855-255-5975!

Here are just a few of the nominations from Decatur hockey families:

Hockey is a sport played by young, old, male and female. I have seen so many good things come from the Decatur Youth Program. It has brought kids from Decatur and its surrounding areas together, to learn how to work together to achieve a common goal. It teaches discipline, patience, strategy and teamwork. Decatur deserves this, and needs this. It would be Awesome to be able to have ice in the rink all year long – It would be awesome if the boys, and Girls, could skate together in a year round program – instead of having a break in the season. We could include more kids with a scholarship, or possibly extra equipment. This money would do wonders for this community and its kids. – Lisa M.

We only have enough money to have the ice rink half the year the community really needs the ice year round! To help keep everyone in the hockey spirit year round, and to keeps kids of the street! Also to bring the community together as a whole all people in our great community get brought together in this one place, I wish it could last year round! Thanks, Matt F.

Hockey gives our town a chance for people to come together and watch kids from 4 to the jr. team. Hockey is a passion and what greater way to expand it and try to get more people thought the town to come and join our community as a hockey life. Hockey/ open skate is very popular but could become very large with your help. Why not help us the people who want to build our community and have the hockey family grow to as large as a city….. Can we be the ones that show you who hockey really is? – Lake G.

kraft_hockeyville-photo-16138-2-ILQPQ34HLTX8418VHIF0ELEAL5C1RFGW2976JM4KOSCQY94SBOHockey hasn’t always been a part of my life. I wasn’t one of those kids who grew up around it, I didn’t play nor did any of my friends. I knew of one or two players in the community, and that was about it. Fast forward to the present, married with two beautiful boys and needless to say hockey has become a very important part of our lives. Never would I have imagined that seven years ago when we signed up our oldest son (now 12) for the local learn to skate program that it would be become his one greatest passion in life. I’m not going to profess that my son is going to play in the NHL someday, but what I can tell you is that his passion for the game is undeniable and the many friends he’s made and that we’ve made as a family will last a lifetime. My husband and I grew up playing all kinds of sports and I can say without a doubt that none of those compare to the level of passion, love, camaraderie that we feel in our hockey community – it’s truly unmatched. We have tremendous people in our community doing all they can to support and provide a wonderful hockey experience. Each year we host a tournament in memory of a former player. We’re hosting our 25th anniversary this year, it’s a great event and we attract teams from across Illinois and St. Louis. We have teams that request to come back year after year. And we host an Operation USA weekend in honor of our military – and a picture in the USA Hockey magazine to boot. And this year for the first time in the history of Decatur hockey, we welcomed our first junior hockey team, the Decatur Blaze. They’re only in the first year here and already attracting 350+ crowds — college scouts tell us they’re some of the largest crowds they’ve seen at junior hockey games. Quite frankly the rink is the hot place to be on a cold winter evening. The passion for hockey is strong and continues to grow. That said, our rink needs to grow as well and unfortunately to date it just hasn’t kept pace. We have one sheet of ice at the local civic center for a mere 6 months of the year, not nearly sufficient to support both the youth program and the new junior team. The hallway that leads to the locker rooms is not wide enough to pull hockey bags through, not to mention the locker rooms themselves haven’t been updated in 35 years. The facility may have served its purpose when it was built in 1980 but currently it’s in desperate need of an upgrade. Please help us make this ‘goal’ a reality! – Kristin N.


Click HERE to visit the Community Page for Decatur Civic Center


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