Is There Room in Your Family for a Hockey Player? Chicago Junior Bulldogs are Looking for Billet Families!

parent-video-junior-section-chicago-junior-bulldogsIs there room in your family for a hockey player?

The Chicago Junior Bulldogs is looking for local families to host our out of town players for the 2015-16 hockey season. Billet families welcome our players into their homes to be a part of their family for eight months out of the year.  Host families receive $350.00 per month from the player towards his food and housing. Each player is responsible for his own transportation. We recommend they go to school or hold a part time job.    

The billet families are a huge part to the success of any junior organization.  When the players’ families send their sons to another state, the players and parents trust us to provide them with a good home.  With your help their time with their host family can be some of the best memories they will carry with them from their time in junior hockey.  For many of the players this is their first time being away from their friends and family. Their billet family becomes their surrogate family.  Although the hosts receive some monetary compensation, the lasting relationships that are formed are often the more valued aspect of hosting.  These players age range from 17-20 and want to take part in many aspects of a normal family life with their hosts from family meals to taking on active “big brother” roles with the younger host brother and sister.

When a family volunteers to host a player, they are required to provide players with their own room (unless you take in two players, then they may share a room), food that is available for the player to prepare or the host to prepare and access to laundry facilities.  We want players to feel like family and not just a renter.   There are rules that the player must abide by and we expect our Host’s to enforce these team rules.  The host must also communicate their own house rules with these players.  A host family receives 4 complimentary season passes for all home games.

Please open your family and become part of ours. Interested?

Please call us if you would like to house a player or need more information about the billeting program. Attached are the guidelines and application.

Ken Kestas, General Manager

Phone: 630-204-0965


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