Teaching Sportsmanship to Kids

Many parents say good sportsmanship is one of the most important life lessons kids can gain from playing youth sports. As a positive youth sports parent, you can play an important role teaching and practicing good sportsmanship with your youth athlete both on and off the field.


Here are some great articles to help Parents stay focused on good sportsmanship.


Practice the Golden Rule in Youth Sports

Teaching your kids to respect opponents


golden ruleHelp youth athletes understand why and how to respect their opponents. Try these helpful tips to start the conversation with your kids about The Golden Rule and respecting their opponents. GET TIPS →


4 Ways To Practice Good Sportsmanship                            

10 Ways to Show Respect To An Opponent


respect opponentSpecific things you and your athlete can do

We tell our kids to show respect to their opponents. But how? We’ve collected ten great ideas for how you and your athlete can visibly show respect to opponents to master this element of Honoring The Game. TRY THESE TODAY →


Has Sportsmanship In Youth Sports Declined?                 

Success through Teamwork


success through teamworkWhy teamwork leads to wins – on and off the field.

The most successful teams in any sport are marked by great teamwork. Teach kids teamwork by helping them understand what it is and how to practice being a good teammate with this helpful article. DEVELOP GREAT TEAMWORK →


Your Favorite Stars On Sportsmanship                 

Your Favorite Stars on Sportsmanship


success through teamworkNational team athletes share their thoughts

Our national team athletes are a great source of advice and experience when it comes to sportsmanship. Hear what they have to say regarding the importance of sportsmanship from the stands and get additional tips and resources. WATCH VIDEOS →

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