Thanksgiving Tournaments: Eat for Peak Performance

Screen_Shot_2015-11-18_at_10.01.45_AM_largeWhat’s on the menu? Turkey, stuffing and hockey tournaments.

That’s the plan for thousands of players and parents this weekend, as Thanksgiving shifts hockey season into high gear. But with all that tryptophan in the system, achieving peak performance can be a formidable feat. Here are five tips for getting your fill without feeling like a turkey on the ice afterward:

1. Keep it Light Before the Game

Thanksgiving is full of temptation to tank up, but make sure you give your system plenty of time to digest before you play. Experts recommend only a light snack in the two hours preceding a game or practice.

2. Keep Moving

Eating large portions and falling asleep while watching football is a Thanksgiving tradition, but if you’re looking to perform in the aftermath, it’s important to keep moving. Go for a jog, play two-touch, whatever – just don’t let the post-turkey lethargy linger long. Sticking with your fitness routine, even amidst a non-routine turkey feast, will help your body respond when it’s time to compete.

3. Be Picky

When eating on the road, research restaurant menus online in advance to determine if they have balanced meal options. Also, consider visiting a grocery store instead of a restaurant. Healthy foods from a grocery store (e.g., whole-grain bread, lean meats, spinach, fruits, nuts, cheese sticks) often have more high-quality nutrients, fewer unhealthy nutrients and lower costs.

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