2016 Senior Nights

AHAI wishes all our Seniors good luck in their future endeavors both on and off the ice!


Send your Senior Night pictures to AHAI Communications Manager, Gretchen Cockey, at gretchen@ahai2.org.

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Thank You, Mom & Dad

Author Unknown

Thanks for taking me to my very first “Learn to Skate”; for tying my skates before I knew how to tie my own shoes; for carrying my hockey bag when I was tired; for making ME carry my hockey bag when I was tired; for kneeling in a puddle of cold, dirty slush helping me take my teeny equipment off; for waking up before sunrise to get me to a practice; for staying up way past your bedtime to drive me home from practice or a game; for making sure I did my homework before practice; for giving me those pep talks in the car; for helping me learn that hockey is all about great life lessons; for buying me that really cool stick; for buying me another really cool stick when the one you just purchased for me broke in a game; for not making a fool of me by being ejected from any rink; for charging the most expensive helmet you could afford; for sitting in those cold rinks when I knew you had other things going on; for letting me use phrases like “poke checked” and “five hole” and knowing what I was talking about; for wearing those button pictures of me; for washing those really stinky clothes from my hockey bag; for dealing with my smell in the car; for packing all those snacks and coolers for team tournament weekends; for taking off time from work to make it to my games; for volunteering to help run things; for lecturing me after a game when I needed it; for your silence after a game when I needed it; for stuffing my Christmas stocking with hockey tape and skate sharpening certificates; for making me realize that it’s not about winning, it’s about not wanting to lose; for giving me the opportunity to play this game that I love; for being my biggest fan!

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