Team Illinois U14 Bake Sale a Huge Success!

By Shari Olshansky

CYA, Mission and Team Illinois players, parents and fans showed their support by purchasing more than $500 worth of baked goods!! In return they were treated to two great hockey games and the satisfaction of knowing they helped support THE leading girls’ health and fitness organization in Chicago, Girls in the Game.


Team Illinois U14 Head Coach Courtney O’Connor has been involved with Girls in the Game for three years and takes great pride in helping to develop the confidence and leadership skills girls need to succeed on and off the field, or ice, as the case may be. Dawn Kobel, Senior Development Manager at Girls in the Game adds, “Girls in the Game works to teach girls about the important lessons that come from playing sports: teamwork, dedication, setting goals and being a leader. Team Illinois and AHAI are perfect partners as both demonstrate these qualities.”

The Team Illinois U14 players and coaches would like to thank the Team Illinois U12, CYA U12 and Mission U14 players, parents and coaches for their support!

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