New Trier Hockey Celebrates Seniors

By Mike Mulhern

NT SR Girls Boys 2016 (4721)On a Friday night in January at the Winnetka ice rink, you’d expect to find a crowd of fans cheering on their favorite team and players.  On January 29th, that’s exactly what was happening.  The only clue it wasn’t an ordinary night was the lack of an opponent.  The rink was festively decorated with the jerseys of New Trier players hanging from the glass and posters lining the rink which highlighted their hockey careers. This was New Trier Hockey’s senior night.  More than one hundred people turned out to cheer, celebrate and congratulate the Club’s senior players on their New Trier hockey careers and their upcoming graduation.

A total of twenty-six seniors from the boys and girls hockey teams were honored.  The ceremony began with individual players being introduced with a few words about their hockey careers, favorite hockey memories and, if known, their future plans.  Proud parents met their son or daughter on the ice to receive a New Trier pennant and flowers as a token of their player’s affection and appreciation of their parents support.  Individual family photos were taken to commemorate the special night as well as a New Trier Hockey Class of 2016 photo.

Players celebrated on the ice with 3 on 3 scrimmages, and off the ice with their families, enjoying pizza and homemade desserts.


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