AHAI Grant Programs: One Goal


AHAI has long supported the growth of hockey throughout our great state. Each year, clubs and rinks take advantage of grant programs that give them an opportunity to acquire the necessary equipment to run the programming for our newest skaters. AHAI, USA Hockey and One Goal have partnered to help overcome the initial cost barrier of entering into hockey by making available, at a very low cost, special Rental Equipment Kits for all interested USA Hockey associations and ice rinks. By taking advantage of this special offer you can take a vital, active role in making it easier for parents to give hockey a chance in their family. The organization acquiring the gear will only be required to fund 30% of the cost, the grant will take care of the rest (up to 40 sets). Click HERE to learn more.

The Cross-Ice Grant program allows for clubs/rinks to purchase the hard-dividers at a 50% discount. These dividers are used to split the ice up into sections, allowing the youngest skaters to play 3 cross-ice games at a time. Additionally, many clubs are using them to divide ice during shared-ice practices, creating zones for goalie training during a practice, or splitting the ice in half to play 2 half-ice games. Click HERE to learn more about acquiring these boards.

We encourage you to inquire with your local club or rink about what they are offering. Use the One Goal gear to run a Try Hockey For Free event to promote growth in our great game.  See you at the rink.

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