IHOA Announces Lifetime Achievement & “Pass the Torch” Award; Scholarship Recipients

By Nicole Davis, IHOA Secretary

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At the IHOA Annual Meeting on May 9, 2016, two awards and the IHOA Scholarships were given out. It was the inaugural year for both The Lifetime Achievement Award and the “Pass the Torch” award.

The Lifetime Achievement award was given to Andy McElman and Al Stensland for their dedication to officiating, starting locally in IHOA.


The “Pass the Torch” award was given to four up and coming officials by Andy McElman and Al Stensland. This year’s recipients were (L to R): Cameron Conner , Justin Pirard, Cameron McCambridge , and Shane Gustafson.


The 2016 IHOA Scholarship Awards were also given out. This year’s recipients were (L to R): Nick Jones, Max Gruenberg, and Ian McCambridge ; Scholarship Chairman Geoff Schlender.

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