USA Hockey National Girls’ Player Development Camp Invitees as of May 16, 2016; Includes 26 Illinois Girls

By Mary Ann Robinson, USA Hockey Central District Girls’ Representative

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At this time, any player who has been selected to attend (or who is still in consideration for) one of the three National Girls’ Player Development Camps has been notified of her status.

Only players who have been cleared to attend one of the three National Girls’ Player Development camps as of May 16 are listed here.  If there is a change in status for any player who is currently “in consideration” as of May 16, 2016, that change will be communicated directly to the player in accordance with the National Notification Timeline.  If a player who is “in consideration” is cleared to attend a National Girl’s Player Development Camp, her name will be added to this list, which will be updated on future National Notification Timeline dates,  next notification date is June 1, 2016.

Ellie Barney (WI)- St. Cloud, MN
Valerie Caldwell (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Kathryn Cipra (IL) – Biddeford, ME*
Jesse Compher (IL), Biddeford, ME*
Brittyn Fleming (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Nicole Lamantia (IL) – Biddeford, ME*
Angelicia Melone (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Maddie Posick (WI)- St. Cloud, MN
Greta Skarzynski (IL) – Biddeford, ME*
Lauren Severson (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Athena Song (MW) – St. Cloud, MN
Megan Wagner (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Anna Wilgren (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Delaney Weiss (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Hayley Kliczko (IL)- Biddeford, ME*

Laken Anderson (WI), St. Cloud, MN
Abigail Boreen (WI) – Biddeford, ME
Madeline Dunham (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Cecillie Ehrhard (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Mady Johnsen (MO) – St. Cloud, MN
Emma Katzman (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Mariah Keopple (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Nicki Lutschaunig (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Delani Mackay (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Eleri Mackay (WI) – St. Cloud, MN

Charlotte Akervik (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Mryanda Anthony  (WI) – Biddeford, ME
Ava Bailey (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Danielle Castino (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Carleigh Drill (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Kaitlyn Ehmann (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Brooke Ersoy (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Rachel Goff (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Shayna Grais (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Alyssa Heim (WI)- St. Cloud, MN
Lauren Hennessy (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Kaylee Liberty (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Carmen Merlo (MO) – St. Cloud, MN
Mya Neugent (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Jess Palizza (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Jayna Park (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Kathryn Pohl (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Calista Rowbottom (MO) – St. Cloud, MN
Jessica Rubenalt (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Jenna Ruiz (WI) – St. Cloud, MN
Addi Scribner (MW) – Biddeford, ME
Sarah Steadman (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
Kathryn Thurman (IL) – St. Cloud, MN*
AJ Weiss (WI) – St. Cloud, MN

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