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QUESTION: My son is a sophomore this year. He attends a private high school that doesn’t have a hockey team. What do we need to do so he can join a high school team? Is it possible for him to join the closest High School team and continue playing hockey? Please let me know what options he has for playing high school hockey.

ANSWER: Thanks very much for your inquiry. I can see you are a parent concerned about your son and his hockey experiences. It can be most unfortunate, but not all hockey players can play HS hockey. HS hockey like any other sport in HS is very much dependent on the school your son attends. If the HS he attends does not have a hockey program, or is not party to a HS combined program, then he cannot play HS hockey. It is always dependent on what school the student attends.  Much like any other sport, football, baseball, soccer, basketball…he can only play HS sports for the HS he attends.

I am sure you chose the HS he attends for very good reason and that is of course, as it should be. There are other options for your son to continue to play hockey. They are all in the club hockey area. He would have to find a midget club team to play with for the coming season. If you need some assistance in finding a midget program please let AHAI know and we will be happy to help you.

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