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QUESTION: I would like clarification on a recently published “Ask AHAI” regarding a player attending a private school and playing for the public high school in their district. I was under the impression that both private and home schooled students could play for the high school in their district. You stated that a private school player could not; is this accurate?

ANSWER: You are correct on the home schooled students. Home schooled students are still under the jurisdiction and responsibility of the school and district in which they reside. That is exactly right for home schooled students, and the way we at AHAI High School committee react and treat those students. They may play sports for the High School in the district in which they live.

But the private schools are different. They are not governed by the High School or district in which they live. Those students choosing to attend a private school are governed and administered to by the school they have chosen to attend. They are under the auspices of the private school they attend. Those choosing to attend a private school have chosen that school over the school in their district. It is their decision to do so, of course.

That is why the AHAI High School Committee always decides High School hockey participation by the school that the student is attending full time. You can find this in our Rules and Regulations under Article 4, exactly 4.3. Let me give you an example: If a student living in High School district 203, chooses to attend Fenwick, or Benet, or Loyola, he cannot then choose to play football, baseball, soccer or any other sport, for the district 203 school, Naperville Central. The same is upheld for the sport of ice hockey.

The behavior of AHAI is the same as the behavior of IHSA when it comes to the school a student is attending, and the home schooled student. We do not differ.  So you are correct about the home schooled student, but the student who chooses private school is not correct.  I hope this sheds some additional light on the subject for you.

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