AHAI Mite Two Choice Clarification

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In an effort to clarify the AHAI Tier II choice rule as it applies to 8U/Mites, AHAI releases the following:

ANY USA Hockey registered 8U/Mite players for the playing seasons (2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17) will be assessed with a choice exception toward the AHAI rule; Article 2.7.


  • A new player can play NIHL 8U mite this year and not be assessed with a choice.
  • Player played AHAI/NIHL 8U in 2014/15 and wants to play this season, 2016/17 will not be assessed with a choice.
  • Players are allowed to play in NIHL and other leagues (including non USA Hockey registered) at the same time.
  • Players who played on any 8U registered team during or before the playing year 2013/14 would be assessed with a choice or choices based on the current rule.

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