Important Information Regarding Rule Change Proposals

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Dear USA Hockey Member:

Please click HERE to download a playing rule change proposal form for use by you or your council, committee, section and affiliate association members. Additional forms can also be downloaded from

If you have rule change proposals that you wish to have considered for the next four seasons, please fill out one form per proposal and return the form(s) to me no later than November 1, 2016. This is in accordance with the USA Hockey By-Laws (section 8A, in the Annual Guide).

A meeting of the Playing Rules Committee will be held in early December. During this meeting, the Committee will establish preliminary recommendations and a committee position on all submitted rule change proposals. Additionally, the Rules Interpretations Group will review the Playing Rules Casebook and establish preliminary interpretations of the playing rules as proposed. These interpretations will enable the Rules Committee to examine the impact and ramifications of each proposal. The Board of Directors will then be able to review proposals and make amendments during the January meeting.

The final meeting of the Playing Rules Committee will take place at the Annual Congress in Colorado Springs in June, 2017. At that meeting, which is open to the public, the Committee will make its final proposal to the Board of Directors for approval and insertion into the Official Playing Rules. The next Official Playing Rules Book will cover the 2017-18 through 2020-21 seasons.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Matt Leaf

USA Hockey Officiating Program

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