2016 Tryout Survival Guide

SURVIVAL GUIDE ENEWS HEADERTryout time can be one of the most stressful times of the year for Illinois youth hockey families, especially if you are new to our great game. Below you will find links to several great articles covering a myriad of topics from nutrition and hydration to how to “stand out” at tryouts as well as how to deal with the stress tryouts inevitably cause.

Of particular note is the video “A Study on Praise and Mindsets.” Parents often tell their kids to work hard. This is sound advice to help them succeed in hockey and in life. Putting forth “effort” to learn and grow is an important prerequisite for future success. How we as parents, coaches and teachers praise that effort may be even more important than we realize. This short video illustrates the effect we can have on our kids with the proper reinforcement of their effort.

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