Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame Seeking Nominations for the Class of 2016

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The Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame was established to recognize and honor the tremendous contributions of individuals who, through their dedication and tireless efforts, helped to pave the way for the future generations of kids to enjoy the great sport of ice hockey.

The mission statement of the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame is as follows: “To honor the excellence of those individuals who, through their exceptional endeavors both on and off the ice, have contributed in an extraordinary way to enhance the sport and image of hockey in Illinois.”

The IHHF Selection Committee consists of all of the living past and present presdients of the Amateur Hockey Association Illinois, Inc.

The 2016 IHHF Induction Dinner will be held in their honour on Sunday, January 29, 2017 at the Belvedere Banquet Hall located at 1170 West Devon Avenue in Elk Grove Village beginning at 5:00 pm. Tickets are available by contacting Norm Spiegel at 847/269-2922 or e-mail Norm at

If you know of someone who meets the criteria as set forth below, please submit your nomination with all of the required documentation as indicated below:

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1) The Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame recognizes outstanding players, organizers, coaches, managers, supporters and officials. Player candidates for the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame will be included in the Player’s Category, Official’s candidates for the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame will be included in the Official’s Category. All other candidates for the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame will be included in the Builder’s Category.

2) “Player” nominees must have been registered in an Illinois ice hockey program for at least five years, and must have retired from active playing for at least five years.

3) “Official” nominees must have been registered in Illinois with IHOA for at least ten years.

4) “Builder” nominees must have been actively involved with Illinois hockey for a minimum of 15 years.

Nomination Process

1) Nominations must be by completion of the official IHHF Nomination Form, and must be received by October 1st of the year to be considered.

2) Two letters of support from people personally acquainted with the candidate’s accomplishments must accompany the Nomination Form.

3) Nomination for any individual is in one category only – player, official or builder. A nomination for an individual in more than one category requires specific approval by 3/4 of the IHHF Board of Directors.

4) “Supportive Information” on the Nomination form must include information which would support the candidate in the category for which he/she is nominated, and may include information from the other category. “Supportive Information” should also include information about civic, social and community activities which would lend to the candidate’s selection for induction.

5) Candidates will be approved by the IHHF Board of Directors, and will be eligible for consideration for four years. After the fourth year, the candidate shall be removed from consideration for three years. Re-nomination will be required for further consideration.

6) There shall be a waiting period of one year after initial nomination before a candidate can be considered for selection to the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame. Depending on circumstances, this requirement may be waived by vote of the IHHF Board of Directors.


1) During its inaugural year, the Illinois Hockey Hall Of Fame will induct a maximum of 24 honorees in order to firmly establish the enterprise.

2) In each subsequent year, the IHHF Board of Directors shall determine the number of honorees who will be inducted into the Illinois Hockey Hall of Fame.


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