The Metro Girls High School League Kicks Off the 2016-17 Season

By Pam Flores

METRO GIRLS ENEWSHappy hockey new year! The Metro Girls High School League season kicked off last weekend with the first games being played on September 25, 2016. The teams in the Metro Girls League include: Barrington, Evanston, Fenwick, Glenbrook, Lake Forest Academy, Lake Forest High School, Latin School of Chicago, Loyola Academy, Maine Township, New Trier Gold, New Trier Silver and Warren.

During the first half of the season each high school team meets for one contest and the league is then divided into two divisions, Scholastic and Founders. It is sure to be a very tight contest again this year to determine where the teams will end up.

The tiers will be decided just before the holidays, and then each team has a home and away contest with every other team in their division in the New Year. The teams then enter the Metro playoffs and championship series. In addition, all eligible teams will compete in the Illinois State High School Hockey Championships in March.

Last year Upper Fox Valley won the Scholastic Cup Division with Loyola Academy placing second. Glenbrook took the Founders Cup Gold Division, with Lake Forest Academy taking second, and Warren won the Founders Cup Bronze Division, with Maine coming in second.

In the Illinois State High School Hockey Championships last year, Loyola Academy faced off against Barrington and came out victorious, after their third straight trip to the United Center. The game was exciting and hard fought. Enjoy the photos from last year’s championships!

Good luck to all the girls – play hard and HAVE FUN!

Stay tuned for more news from the exciting Metro Girls High School league.


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