Amanda Seltzer Receives Manon Rheaume Foundation Scholarship

amandaCongratulations to Sabre Girls Alum, Amanda Seltzer! She recently received a Manon Rheaume Foundation Scholarship. which awards scholarship grants to girls under the age of nineteen (19) who have expressed a desire to pursue their dreams in athletics to further or enable their respective athletic careers. Amanda plays for the ACHA Division I Colorado State University Women’s Hockey team in Fort Collins, Colorado.

“I am honored to be the recipient of the Manon Rheaume Scholarship. This scholarship is very special to me because it’s an opportunity for women hockey players to be recognized for all our hard work on and off the ice. Manon has inspired me in many ways. She has worked hard, and has taken her opportunities and passed them forward. Someday I would like to achieve great things and provide opportunities to others.” – Amanda Seltzer


cf26cf_209b360f5e2b4f0dacd11833af2825d0Manon Rheaume, The First Woman of Hockey,™” was the first female to play professional hockey, signing a contract to play goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992. No woman has signed a professional hockey contract in North America in the 16 years since. While the challenges of being the only woman in professional hockey were significant, Manon has consistently demonstrated that she has the skills to compete at the highest levels. As a member of Team Canada, Manon helped lead her team to a Silver Medal in the 1998 Nagano Games. As Team Canada’s goaltender, she won Gold Medals at the 1992 and 1994 World Hockey Championships. She currently competes with former NHL stars in charity games across the U.S. and Canada. Click HERE for more information on the Manon Rheaume Foundation Scholarship.

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