Over 250 Illinois Men & Women are Playing NCAA Division I and Division III Hockey

It’s a testament to the players, coaches, and associations that so many of our young men and women from Illinois were able to realize their dream of playing NCAA College Hockey. Whether at Division 1 or 3, each player is continuing their hockey careers along with obtaining the ever important college degree. As we went through the numbers and compared them to two seasons ago, a few interesting things popped up. In 2014-15, Illinois had 59 men playing Division 1 and 29 women. This season those numbers jumped to 84 men and 35 women! The Division 3 ranks changed slightly, with 84 men this year compared to 92 two years ago; and 67 women this year as compared to 56 two years ago. Click buttons below to view lists of Illinois players.





Congratulations to all our players for continuing their education and hockey careers!*

We have not forgotten that we have hundreds of men and women playing ACHA Club hockey as well. We will tally those numbers up for our readers in an upcoming issue of Snapshot.

*Information obtained from rosters posted on USCHO.com

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