Insurance Coverages Provided by USAH for USA Hockey Members

By Don Allord, Central District Risk Manager

By registering as a member of USA Hockey you are automatically enrolled in the USA Hockey insurance program. The following is a brief description of the insurance policies provided to registered members of USA Hockey. Your participation and registration with USAH affords you insurance coverage in 5 different areas.

Excess Accident Coverage is a secondary policy in that your primary insurance coverage, if you have any, it the first recourse. After $1,000 out of pocket expense is met, USAH coverage takes effect for the remainder of the expenses up to the limits provided. If you do not carry any primary coverage, the deductible is raised to $3,500. Please click HERE for tips on filing a claim.

Catastrophic Coverage is for serious injuries such as spinal cord, loss of limb, life altering injuries.

Liability Coverage includes sexual abuse and molestation, legal liability, etc. as described in the online document. Clubs are often asked for Proof of Coverage by the entity they are renting from. The Risk manager can provide this coverage at no cost to the organization. Rinks and venues may also ask to be named as additionally insured. This also can be provided at no cost.

To see how to request a Certificate of Insurance or Additionally Insured Policy, go to the USAH website, click on Membership Insurance Certificate of Insurance Central District. Fill out the form and email it to the Risk Manager along with a copy of the contract you are signing, if applicable.

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O) gives your board of Directors insurance coverage while they are serving on the Board

Crime Coverage covers Affiliate Associations, Districts, Teams, Clubs and Leagues. Coverage includes theft of funds.

All 5 policies are covered in detail on the USAH website. Any organization needing a hard copy of the coverages or explanation of benefits can email Don Allord, Central District Risk Manager at If there is a catastrophic injury or event including a lawyer, Don Allord should be informed as soon as possible so he can alert the insurance carrier.


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