Players Invited to Attend the 2017 America’s Showcase Team Illinois Tryouts Announced


America’s Showcase will take place from April 20-24, 2017 at the Robert Morris Island Sports Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The AHAI High School coaching community is honored to have the opportunity to be involved with the top High School players in Illinois. They feel that America’s High School Showcase offers players a great opportunity to be exposed to Junior, College and Professional Scouts from throughout the USA and Canada and the honor to represent Illinois in the best High School Hockey event in North America. Teams from across the United States will compete and showcase their talents to scouts from every major hockey institution in the country.

The purpose of this prestigious event remains the same. It is designed to allow high school hockey players from around the country, who do not traditionally get scouted due to geographic and budgetary constraints within the scouting circles, the opportunity to compete against the best of the best during a four-day period and be seen by every major hockey institution in North America.

During the year, high school coaches from America’s High School Showcase Illinois Team have been rating players throughout Illinois. Invitations have been mailed inviting those high school players they have recognized as potential candidates for the team to tryout. This year’s tryout format has changed: all 120 players will attend 3 tryout dates. Coaches will then pare down the field to 40 players which will be asked back for a 4th tryout on February 24th. The Illinois Team will be chosen from that final group of 40 players. Please note – players must attend at least one tryout to be considered for the Showcase team. If a player does not attend a tryout, he cannot be considered. The more coaches and evaluators see a player, the better understanding they will have of player’s skill set. Click team names below to VIEW ROSTERS.

Please click HERE to view America’s Showcase Team Illinois Tryout Schedule

It is very important that all of the players that are trying out for this team understand the requirements and the commitment they are expected to make. With the short amount of time AHAI has to put this Team together, it is to each player’s benefit to cooperate with the Coaching Staff in regard to tryouts and practices. In particular, we would like all players to understand the following points:

Tryouts — All players must attend at least one tryout to be eligible for consideration for this team. No player will be selected on reputation only. The coaching staff will select and announce the final roster of 20 players and up to 5 alternates shortly after the final tryout.

Commitment — If you are selected to be an America’s High School Showcase Illinois Team member, the Team will practice from late March until the start of America’s High School Showcase on April 20th. The Team may play exhibition games during this time as well. All commitments to your current team will be over by then (unless your team is participating in the USA Hockey National Championships). It will be impossible to put this team together and make us all proud of our effort without the commitment of each player for the few weeks preceding the America’s High School Showcase event. Your commitment during this time is required.

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